Detaya specializes in the development of enterprise grade databases and applications for mobile, web and desktop. Detaya - Software Solutions was created by Rick Piovesan. With 35+ years of experience, Rick is the lead software consultant with Detaya. You'll be glad to know your work is currated by a certified Microsoft and Xamarin professional developer, a Microsoft certified trainer, and a PMI certified project manager. Rick has worked extensively internationally with government and financial institutions in Canada, the US, Australia and Italy.

We Understand.

Detaya works with our clients to understand their issues and concerns. Using mock-ups, prototypes and simulations, we want our clients to be comfortable with our technology proposals and feel for themselves how our solutions will fit into their world.

We Collaborate.

Detaya crafts software in pieces using a building block approach so our clients can quickly have working code to play with. Their feedback goes back into the work cycle, refining existing components and influencing the next round of building blocks for further testing. We call it iterative, incremental agile development, with our clients always plugged in the loop.

We Deliver.

New software doesn't run in a business vacuum; instead there are existing systems to integrate, older systems to phase out, information assets to protect, end users to train, there's performance analysis and tuning, security considerations, contingency planning, and on. Our applications are full spectrum business solutions.

Web Development

Detaya focuses in the development of effective and responsive web applications for businesses and government institutions. Most often matched with a database implementation, we deliver full stack solutions on time and on budget. Furthermore, we will ensure that your website is up-to-date on the latest trends and design frameworks to sculpt a visual appealing and responsive website.

Mobile Development

Mobile business applications need to be robust, secure and performant - and 'cross-platform' raises the stakes with system-specific nuances, features and constraints. Xamarin is the tool of choice for building apps that have a native look and feel on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. And as Xamarin certified professionals specializing in enterprise mobile apps, Detaya can help bring the mobile experience to your workforce and customer community. 'Write once and deploy everywhere' great looking and high performance apps built with Xamarin.

Enterprise Applications

In today’s corporate environment, enterprise applications are critical. At Detaya we deploy on a variety of platforms whether it be corporate networks, intranets, or the Internet. They must be data-centric, user-friendly, and must meet strict requirements for security, administration, and maintenance. In short, you want Detaya's experience and expertise working with your company's complex systems.

SQL Databases

Detaya's goal is to "model your reality" and create a data repository tailored to the needs of your business. We've built databases for small office companies and government agencies, we've also created databases for companies of 20K+ employees. As a Microsoft partner, Detaya favours Microsoft SQL Server as a robust and full-featured product, well suited to enterprise data asset management. However we've also worked extensively with other vendor products such as Oracle, Sybase ASE, HPE SQL/MX, and of course the ubiquitous MySQL.